It’s Argyll’s policy to ensure that all our clients are completely satisfied with their new home, office or newly refurbished space years after it was completed. We consider maintaining properties to the required level a crucial part of our offer, service and ethos. We put together a fully bespoke, extensive aftercare and maintenance plan for your building on completions of each project. Service dates, supplier contacts and routine maintenance are set out in an easy to read one-page annual programme, supported by both digital and physical operations and maintain manuals. This can be managed by the property owner directly with automated reminders or rolled into a fully managed one stop service contract. Our dedicated team of highly-skilled plumbers, electricians, joiners, plasterers and other building professionals will maintain your property through the life of your building, working quickly to resolve any unexpected issues in the years ahead.

Our bespoke aftercare and maintenance programmes enables our clients to keep their property in the best possible condition, at a fee that’s affordable and sustainable.