Argyll aim to deliver construction projects safely with due consideration of the environment and to our customer’s requirements of time, cost and quality, along with the requirements of other interested parties.

We are committed to completing our construction projects within the prescribed time frames allowed which includes any extensions of time that we are entitled to.

Argyll endeavour to carry out our projects efficiently by controlling our expenditure of site preliminaries in order to provide best value for our customers. We plan for a specification compliant completion by operating our Quality Management (QM) procedures. This approach is designed to allow our clients to take full possession of a fully functioning property that meets their expectations. By meeting our formal requirements and with due consideration to other implied requirements we aim to satisfy our customers to the extent that they wish to grant us further work opportunities and that they consider us favourably in comparison with our competitors.

Our QM procedures are constructed around the following principles of :

  • Appointing a highly competent site management team with appropriate skills and experience to deliver the quality required.
  • Planning, coordinating and communicating a detailed logical sequence of operations to all parties concerned.
  • Utilising our approved supply chain members selecting the most appropriate subcontractors for the works.
  • Setting up site to control access, egress and environmental issues at the workplace.
  • Managing the receipt and distribution of design information.
  • Verifying building materials are as the specification prior to their incorporation into the works.
  • Implementing a technical review of the works, which identifies quality control responsibilities for verifying specification compliance and validating the finished project.
  • Frequent review of performance focussed on improvement.
  • Argyll embrace improved systems of operation through process review and by implementation of new technology.
  • We encourage our staff to demonstrate a professional approach in supporting our customers in moving a project forward.
  • We aim to resolve any dissatisfaction issues pragmatically and professionally to mutual satisfaction.