Argyll completed a 14 month project renovating a property on Lilyville Road in Fulham. The works involved forming a new 110m2 basement below the existing building with front and rear lightwells. Side, rear and roof extensions were added and the staircase was pivoted to the centre of the house running from party wall to party wall with a 4 meter long rooflight above the stairwell and walk on glass to the landings delivering light through the core of the house to the new basement space.

The expanded family home boasts 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms and generous living spaces. A dark zinc contemporary extension with large pivot doors connects the house to the garden, enriching the experience of living in the property. The rear rooflight was installed into a concealed frame sunk into the brick work of the rear elevation.

Project value: £1.2m
Size: 360m2

Engineer: Blue engineering

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